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CHC Landstar 7


LandStar 7 is CHC latest field-proven software solution for Android. Designed for high precision surveying and mapping tasks for your everyday work. Provides seamless work mode management, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn graphical user interface with simple operation. Extensive data import/export formats and multiple types of measurement and stakeout methods ensure instant productivity.

Features :

●  Powerful Graphical Surveying – Supports both online OSM/BING map,DXF, SHP, TIF and SIT file formats, and WMS online base map
●  Convenient Work Mode Management – Supports presetting of common work modes of base and rover
●  Multiple Geoid/Grid Shift File Formats
–  Geoid undulation file (GGF, BIN, GRD, GSF, STG, SPB, GBL, GXY, GRI and ASC formats)
– Grid shift file (GRD, STG, PXY formats).     RTCM Transformation Message
●  Multiple Types of Stakeout
– Supports point stakeout, line stakeout, surface stakeout and road stakeout.
●  Extensive Data Import and Export Formats –
– Supports CSV, DAT, TXT, DXF, SHP, CGO and NCN as the import format, CSV, DAT, TXT, KML, DXF, SHP, RAW, HTML
●  Various Types of Measurement –
– Supports points, lines, polygons and PPK measurement.
●  Three Connection Types, Bluetooth, WIFI,and demo mode
●  Smart E-manual
●  RAW File Recording
●  Measurement Geofencing
●  Site Calibration Quality Control

Field Hardware Support
– CHC i80, M6, X91+(ARM based with the firmware version v8.35 above)

Data Collection Hardware
– CHC HCE300
– LT600
– Other Android v4.2 above ( Your Smartphone!!)