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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • Start base receivers are still disabled (gray), but it’s been getting a satellite signal

    Check the version of landstar. It should now use version 5.03, landstar also checks whether the HCGPSset no limit or not

  • In radio mode, green light base receiver already blink, but rover can’t accept data correction or hasn’t fix

    Check the radio frequencies and radio protocol at rover and in radio modems are already the same or not. Also check voltage at battery radio modem, do less or not, check if the lights on the radio modem DL5 blinking or not. Radio modem light flashing if you receive DL5 correction data from the base receiver. If it does not Flash, check the HCPGSset and HCGPRSset settings, check the cable setting

  • In GPRS mode – Green light base receiver already blink, but rover can not accept correction data or hasn’t fix

    Check the IP address of the server APIS, check APN settings gprs on HCGPRSset, check your provider gprs signal

  • Datum parameter is always changing, not as it should

    A data File is damaged and must be re-install the software, do backup programs at landstar controller ( \program files\RTKce\) . Then remove programs and delete all data in the \program files\RTKce\ and do re-install the Landstar software

  • The rover could not connect to the base station

    Currently chc rover using only protocol, transparent, chc, and trimble tt450s. Please ask the user to change any one base station Protocol.